CMS Mobile

CMS on the road

CMS helps your business operate more efficiently and reliably.  Evident Solutions has launched a mobile application called CMS Mobile, an Android™ based application which integrates with the desktop based CMS suite.   

Focused on features prioritised by our customers, CMS Mobile is the next step to having information readily available for your staff as well as seamless acquisition of information from the coal face.

CMS Mobile

Give your staff the information they need out on the road.  Receive real-time critical information about the operation of your fleet.


  • Simple and easy to use graphical user interface

  • Secure employee login for staff with username and password

  • Transparent communication between operations and staff

  • Customisable vehicle prestart checks configurable by vehicle model

  • Employee worksheets showing allocated work with routing to next destination

  • On-the-road defect reporting

  • Collect odometer records and fuel / AdBlue volumes

  • Passenger manifest for school runs registered in the CMS school run module with record of absenteeism, boarding and alighting times

  • Passenger manifest sign-off including a mandatory empty vehicle check

  • View school runs on a map with turn by turn instructions

  • Chip-based travel cards for students

  • CMS Mobile login for schools for viewing manifests, vehicle locations and empty vehicle checks

  • Route to vehicle for breakdowns

Digital real-time manifests

Increase safety, transparency and accountability

Passenger manifests are hitting the mainstream and are now an expectation or requirement of Government and schools.  

Integrating with CMS' school run module, CMS Mobile extends the visibility of who is on board your vehicles for planned school runs to your office, schools and with the addition of CMS Public, parents.

Drivers or supervisors can record when a passenger boards and alights your vehicles, each interaction recorded with a timestamp and geolocation.  Your office and your schools will receive the current location of vehicles in addition to a live manifest.

At the completion of the school run, a mandatory empty vehicle check can be enforced and recorded.  Optionally, schools can also complete an empty vehicle check using CMS Mobile.

An especially designed school run dashboard informs your office staff at a glance of the status of your school runs, number of passengers on board, manifest completion status, empty vehicle check completion and on-time running indicator. 

Manifests can be predetermined with a list of expected passengers, or dynamic.  Dynamic school runs are created by issuing travel passes using NFC technology, allowing passengers to tag on and off the vehicle during travel.

If CMS Public is deployed, parents and guardians of passengers can see the boarding status and location of the vehicle.