CMS Button

Drivers can check their work roster independently

Allow your drivers and supervisors to clock on/off and check their work without distracting your office staff.

Dedicated workstations running components of CMS can be securely installed in your depot so that staff can access clock on/off and work printouts after hours by using their Dallas iButton keyfob or PIN.

Attach a printer for paper copies.  Track who has seen their work roster or those who require an update.

Dedicated roster check for staff

Always up-to-date rosters at your driver's fingertips


  • Employee self-service, saving administrative time and effort

  • Changes to work allocation immediately available as an updated roster

  • Inform your staff with automated alerts for the expiry of critical licences

  • Rosters automatically indicate jobs which will require a work diary

  • Locations on rosters automatically listed with Melways or UDB references

  • Rosters can be completely customised for your business

  • Bulk print rosters with one click