CMS Client

CMS on your customer's desktop

Extend CMS to your VIP client's Windows 10 desktop with CMS Client.

CMS Client will help increase the efficiency and visibility of the services you provide, and will give your customers a direct interface into your business.

CMS Client

Downloadable from the Windows 10 Store, provide your top clients with direct access to their records in CMS.


  • Simple and easy to use graphical user interface

  • Branding for your business

  • Secure communications and logins for customers

  • Request a quotation for charter services

  • View confirmed bookings and live vehicle locations

  • View active and planned school run routes

  • View scheduled pickup and drop-off times for school runs

  • View school bus location and student boarding status during active runs

  • View student details

  • Automated synchronisation of student details with customer databases