Vehicle maintenance

Maintain your fleet

Save time and money by using CMS to manage the maintenance of you bus and coach fleet.

Servicing and defect records are held in one place with a complete audit log, ensuring accountability and a valid audit trail for accreditation purposes.

Categorise defect types and sub-types to assist clear and concise entry of defects. Prioritise submitted defects according to urgency and schedule them for resolution with the workshop allocation screen.

The CMS vehicle maintenance module integrates with CMS Kiosk and CMS Mobile for 100% electronic defect report submission and defect resolution feedback.

Create service profiles for each model of vehicle in your fleet and enter service checks to suit your requirements.  Services can be time or kilometre based, or both.

Save time and paper

The CMS vehicle maintenance module integrates with CMS Kiosk and CMS Mobile for 100% electronic defect report submission and defect resolution feedback.


  • At-a-glance dashboard reports pending services for your fleet based on days or kilometre intervals or both

  • Transparent communication between workshop and operations

  • Defect and service records can be paper based or 100% electronic

  • Add defect campaigns for OEM recall / attention notices by vehicle model

  • Triage your defects according to urgency

  • Allocate defects and services to your workshop staff with the mechanics allocation screen

  • Bulk odometer entry for service scheduling with alerts for odometer entry errors

  • Odometer roll-over or replacement record

  • Road Safety Inspection docket, date and images record (scanned documents and photos from USB or webcam)

  • Record all services for your vehicle, who does what and when

  • Integrate with your stock control system

  • Manage own fleet maintenance in addition to external customer fleets

Paperless defect and service records

Paper records in a workshop environment are prone to several issues:

  • Handwriting varies in quality and readability
  • Time consuming to distribute and collect
  • Easy to damage or destroy
  • Easy to lose
  • A risk to your business

While CMS can print serial numbered defect sheets for your drivers to complete, manual handling in addition to the points above pose a risk to your business when monitoring the efficiency of your workshop and critically, when auditors appear on your doorstep.

One of our customers moved from paper based defects and service records in CMS to 100% electronic records, mitigating the risks outlined above. Staff are able to submit vehicle defects via the employee kiosk (CMS Kiosk) situated at the depot offices or on the road via their tablet (CMS Mobile). Incoming defects appear in CMS within seconds, which are then be prioritised and allocated to mechanics for review. Mechanics in the workshop log into CMS directly and enter data about the resolution of defects or completion of services.

Time saved, records correct, efficiency increased.