Accounting and payroll integration

Streamline your book keeping

CMS integrates with your accounting package (MYOB / QuickBooks / Microsoft Dynamics Navision) for invoicing of your:

  • Charter invoices
  • Route Service invoices
  • Self Drive invoices
  • Service invoices

Automatically synchronise client and employee data with your accounting and payroll systems.  Enter your data once and save time by not having to manage information in multiple systems.

CMS integrates with your payroll package to effortlessly transfer employee clock-on and clock-off times according to employee clock profiles. Each occupation within the company can have a clock profile configured that includes start and finish times, breaks and overtime hours.

When combined with CMS Clock (on-site clocking station) or CMS Mobile (mobile, tablet-based clocking), clock-on and clock-off information is gathered electronically.

Slash your payroll processing time

Does this sound like a familiar story?

  • Paper time sheets or clock cards
  • Hand written records
  • Inaccurate time keeping
  • Chasing staff for time sheets
  • Manual handling and calculations
  • Double entry of records

Evident Solutions assisted a customer to migrate existing employee data to CMS. Prior to using CMS, our customer was spending up to two days managing time sheet and payroll data.

Once employee data was migrated to CMS and profiles created for each employee category, the company then embarked on digital time keeping using CMS Clock.   Clock on and clock off times recorded were processed according to the employee clock profiles and hours automatically calculated.   This change alone decreased processing time from two days to several hours.

The time and effort saved was redirected to more productive activities in the office, increasing company efficiency and adding directly to the bottom line.

Double handling is an anchor which slows business growth and is something every business should avoid.