School runs

Efficient management of your school runs

Still using a wall-sized map with pins, notes or strings? Paper lists of bus stops and student details? Hours lost by mapping, constructing driver instructions, times and passenger lists? Driving and timing routes or school runs often!?

CMS saves countless hours managing school runs by assisting bus and coach companies to map runs, create comprehensive driver instructions with times and create passenger manifests to comply with contract requirements.

Improve communication between the company school run managers, drivers, supervisors/bus aids, teachers, parents and students.

Map school runs on your desktop and have them available to drivers on the road

Mapped school runs, turn-by-turn instructions and passenger manifests available to drivers when used with CMS Mobile.


  • School database

  • School student details management

  • Holiday management and notes for schools

  • Student travel card database for use with CMS Mobile and CMS Client

  • Bus stop or passenger based school runs or both

  • School run route management

  • Real-time passenger manifests with CMS Mobile

  • Time saving reports for operators with Victorian DET contracts