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School Run Management

School Bus

Still using a wall-sized map with pins, notes or strings? Paper lists of bus stops and student details? Hours lost by mapping, constructing driver instructions, times and passenger lists? Driving and timing routes or school runs often!? 

CMS saves countless hours managing school runs by assisting Bus and Coach companies to map runs, create comprehensive driver instructions with times and create passenger check lists to comply with contract requirements.

All generated reports can anonymise passengers with automatically generated identification numbers to preserve privacy.

Improve communication between the company school run managers, drivers, supervisors/bus aids, teachers, parents and students.

Automatically print information sheets for parents with office contact numbers, pickup and drop-off times and identification numbers.

Feature list:
  • School list
  • School details
    • Name
    • Campus
    • Address details
    • Melways / UBD page record and geolocation coordinates
    • Contract details
      • Contract number
      • Kilometres
      • Days travelled
      • Driver and supervisor allocation
  • School child list and details management
  • Holiday management and notes for schools
  • Bus stops
  • Multiple runs per school
  • School run route management
    • Map viewing with route overlay
    • Automatically calculated route
    • Automatic time and distance calculation
    • Easily alter route or pickup / drop-off order
    • Automatically generated school run reports for drivers (times, addresses and turn-by-turn directions) and supervisors (check sheets)
    • Child respite unit details
    • Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development school zones pre-loaded