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Maintenance Management


Save time and money by using CMS to manage the maintenance of your Bus and Coach fleet.

Built-in defect report creation and tracking with individual serial numbers for each report, ensuring accountability and a valid audit trail for Accreditation purposes.   

Categorise defect types and sub-types to assist clear and concise entry of defects.  Optional 100% electronic defect submission by drivers and mechanics.   Prioritise submitted defects according to urgency and schedule them for resolution with the workshop allocation screen. 

The CMS Maintenance Management module integrates with CMS Kiosk for 100% electronic defect report submission and defect resolution feedback, see Employee Kiosk.

Track, record and audit Road Safety Inspections and roadworthy certificates.

Customise service classes according to time or kilometres driven. Generate reports for pending or overdue services to enhance workshop planning and productivity.

Workshop Managers can notify Operations staff by requesting vehicles for planned maintenance, enabling efficient management of your Bus and Coach fleet without compromising service to customers.

Visualise brakes and tyres on vehicles, their position and kilometres travelled.

Rotate tyres around a vehicle or swap them to other vehicles while tracking kilometres travelled. Generate tyre reports to compare and optimise the use of tyres in your fleet, saving time and money.

Similarly, track oil changes and trends to save not only on the oil itself but as a tool to identify equipment not working at its peak.

CMS manages your vehicle maintenance with the following features:

  • At a glance reporting of pending services for your fleet based on days or kilometre intervals or both
  • Indicate pending or proposed services for your fleet on the Operations allocation screen
  • Defect reporting, paper based or 100% electronic
  • Add defect campaigns for OEM recall / attention notices by vehicle model
  • Triage your defects according to urgency
  • Allocate defects and services to your workshop staff with the Maintenance Allocation screen
  • Automatic maintenance schedule with comprehensive service scheduling -
    • Configure service schedules by vehicle make / model
    • Assign default parts to services
    • Cascade different service schedules to increase workshop efficiency
    • Configure service schedules to coordinate mechanical, panel and spray, trim shop and auto-electrical departments
    • Service projection date according to average kilometres travelled
  • Bulk odometer entry for service scheduling as well as alerts for odometer entry errors (large jumps forward or odometers going backwards)
  • Odometer roll-over or replacement record
  • Air-conditioning service record
  • Brake maintenance and display
  • Labour recording for outside servicing
  • Oil change scheduling
  • Services, repairs and replacements
  • Road Safety Inspection docket, date and images record (scanned documents and photos from USB or webcam)
  • Tyre management, display and replacements
  • Part locations, and if not available, mechanics can request parts
  • Manage own fleet maintenance in addition to external customer fleets

Vehicle and Maintenance Management in CMS 3.0