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Employee Management

Employee management is streamlined with CMS, recording all of the important data you need to hold about your staff including personal details, qualifications and associated registers.

Allow your drivers and supervisors to clock on/off and check their work without distracting your office staff.  

Dedicated workstations running components of CMS can be securely installed in your depot so that staff can access clock on/off and work printouts after hours by using their Dallas iButton keyfob for identification (pictured right).

Attendance reports generate clock on/off times which can be instantly available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for payroll processing.
The employee holiday roster allows the user to easily view and edit 4 weeks worth of employee holidays. It is particularly useful for planning leave during school holidays when workload is reduced and employees are encouraged to take leave.

Checking Work

Clocking On and Off

Feature list:
  • Employee details
    • Personal details including photo
    • Position / classification
    • Driver ability / restrictions (automatic / manual transmission, vehicle size)
    • Licence detail register
    • Driver Certificate register
    • Police Check register
    • Working with Children Check register
    • Hazardous driving area (eg. snow, mine site)
    • Accident register
    • Complaints and compliments register
    • Holidays and notes
    • Next of Kin, General Practitioner and medical information register
    • Offences register
    • Work Diary register
    • Work Offers, record sporadic work offers
    • Courses register (first aid and other training)
    • Appraisals register
    • Drug and Alcohol testing register
  • Clock on / off recording (external payroll)
    • Separate clock on / off system for window facing screen placement
    • Customisable fitness for work declaration at each clock-on
    • Supports Dallas iButton keyfobs (pictured) or PIN entry
    • Enforced to-the-minute clock on times
    • Alerts for late employee clock on
    • Clock profiles per employee category
    • Support for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for payroll
  • Job management
    • Separate job viewing and printing system for window facing screen placement
    • Supports Dallas iButton keyfobs (pictured)
    • Job docket viewing and printing
    • Record of last viewed, last printed per employee
    • Company-wide or individual notice section
    • Selectable cut-off time for work printed
    • Customisable job docket layout (paper and PDF email)
      • Date printed
      • Name
      • Job details and automated Work Diary required warnings 
      • Vehicle and depot
      • Notices
      • Automated warnings for pending licence expiry
    • Record "non-bus" duties for fatigue management records
Employee Holiday Roster