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Employee Kiosk

CMS Kiosk lets your employees to log into the CMS system to submit direct communication with Management.   Allow your employees to:
  • Employee self-service, saving administrative time and effort
  • Update payroll and personal details
  • Broadcast company wide and employee-specific notices
  • Communicate directly with your workshop via electronic vehicle defect submission
  • Review recently submitted defects for specific vehicles
  • View recently submitted defects, their priorities as set by the workshop and action taken
  • Allow your school bus supervisors to report and record school child travel issues on the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development "Notice of concern regarding student bus traveller"
  • Print school bus run sheets
  • Submit request for leave
  • Employee appraisals
  • Employee survey submissions
  • Suggestion box
  • Add useful website links for reference
  • If integrated with GPS data, allow employees to see the last known location of their allocated vehicle
  • Allow drivers to report excess oil usage
CMS Kiosk screen