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Client Management

Never lose the details of a client again with CMS!

Record client details, their quotations and jobs. 
Required fields ensure that a minimum set of details are recorded against a client record, meaning that your booking officers will never forget to record a name or contact number ever again!

The ability to manage multiple contacts for a single client eases administrative overhead by making sure that the correct information is delivered to the client by email or hard copy.

Centrally set quotation and job follow ups or set a requirement for a purchase order per client.

CMS provides comprehensive client management functionality to record and manage your clients:
  • Client code
  • Address details
  • Contact details
  • Optionally require purchase orders or payment upfront for selected clients
  • Automatic quote and job follow-up alerts
  • List quotations and jobs for client
  • Multiple contact management for clients (eg. Accounts, Booking Officer, Leader of Group for charter)
  • Block clients from booking new charters if there are account issues
  • Bulk email clients
  • Print postage labels for mail-outs for new or existing clients
  • Track, manage and record client meetings