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Charter Management

Efficiently manage your charters with CMS whether they be one way trips or complex itineraries with multiple way points. 

Record passenger numbers, cost of charter, charter notes and trip requirements such as seat belts, coach with toilet or DVD player.

Don’t allow new customers to fall through the cracks, follow up quotations with automated reminders for bookings officers to assist converting quotations to jobs.

Email integration allows your booking officers to quickly communicate new quotations or jobs with clients. Customise email PDF attachments with your company logo to give a professional and reliable impression with every customer.

Hold all of your client’s pickup and destination locations in a central database with complete address records including automatic Melways/UDB page calculation and geolocation coordinates.

Enter pricing structures for individual clients, types of charters or tiers to ensure consistent and profitable quotations.  

CMS has a simple file export so that you can invoice you customers with MYOB.

Functionality list:
  • Record charter details
    • Number of passengers / wheelchair passengers
    • Vehicle requirements including trailer management
    • Destination list
      • Melways / UBD page record and geolocation coordinates
      • Recent destinations for client shown in groups
    • Multiple movements with unlimited via points
    • Pickup and drop-off times
    • Itinerary management
    • Separate notes for office, driver and movements
    • Kilometre and time calculations for jobs based on itinerary
    • Report on prior jobs for your clients when using the same locations
    • Copy the same itineraries to new jobs for clients using a different date with one click
    • Record credit card payments
    • On-charge eTag / tolls / parking
  • Multiple charters in a single quotation
  • Email quotations and confirmations with customised company stationary PDF attachment creation
  • Generate reports for tracking and converting quotations to jobs
  • Automated follow-up and pending job emails
  • Invoice by individual job, end of week, end of month or on last job in a group of charters
  • Flexible automated pricing module based on job requirements catering for individual clients, client categories and per depot
  • Quick reference reports for staff on-call